Thursday, April 18, 2024

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

323 North Old Woodward Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009
United States

Get ready for a transformative discussion with Martin Bally as we tackle the intricate software development challenges. Together, we'll explore the complexities of juggling diverse tools and managing source code repositories while fostering a shift-left mentality and embracing agile development.

Join us to unravel the secrets of success in this dynamic landscape and discover how ArmorCode plays a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges. Our cutting-edge ArmorCode Platform is designed to streamline and unify application security, infrastructure vulnerability management, and supply chain security. By seamlessly integrating with your existing tools and repositories, ArmorCode empowers you to normalize and correlate findings, orchestrating security workflows effortlessly in a single, centralized platform.

Don't miss out on this discussion! Discover how ArmorCode is the key to harmonizing control, innovation, and security in the ever-evolving software development landscape.

Dinner & refreshments will be served during the Roundtable.

About ArmorCode:

ArmorCode is charting the future of security posture and vulnerability management. The ArmorCode Platform unifies application security, infrastructure vulnerability management, and supply chain security to address the biggest problems security teams face today. It integrates with your security ecosystem to identify, articulate, and remediate your most critical risks in a single platform so security and development teams can realize holistic visibility, scalable agility, and cross-team collaboration. Learn More

About CXO Forum:

The CXO Forum was formed to create a space where leaders and partners can grow together in a mutually respectful stadium of ideas. We provide a platform where leaders can learn from industry experts and each other. Our goal is to help our members become more powerful thought leaders and be better equipped to overcome the challenges every company faces. CXO Forum Executive Roundtables focus on specific challenges information security executives face in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Learn More