Wednesday, March 13, 2024

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Ocean Prime

2915 Coolidge Hwy
Troy, MI 48084
United States


Please join Bob West, Managing Partner at West Strategy Group, as he discusses how to protect important data other tools can’t see, from threats they can’t detect, across technologies they can’t control. Cyberhaven provides immediate and comprehensive visibility into how data moves within your organization, empowering you to understand risk and partner with the business to implement effective security practices. This discussion will be moderated by Chris Burrows, CISO at Rocket Companies. 

Dinner & refreshments will be served during the Roundtable.

About Cyberhaven:

Cyberhaven is the data security company revolutionizing how companies protect their most important information from theft and misuse. Until now, security products only recognized and protected a limited range of data types because they relied on finding patterns in the content itself. Our data tracing technology analyzes billions of events surrounding every piece of data to better understand and classify it, allowing for protection of a much broader range of sensitive data in any form, anywhere it goes. Learn More

About CXO Forum:

The CXO Forum was formed to create a space where leaders and partners can grow together in a mutually respectful stadium of ideas. We provide a platform where leaders can learn from industry experts and each other. Our goal is to help our members become more powerful thought leaders and be better equipped to overcome the challenges every company faces. CXO Forum Executive Roundtables focus on specific challenges information security executives face in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Learn More